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Embassy is normally a general term for the principal representative office of in the capital city of India and primarily headed by the Ambassador.

Consulate or Consulate-General is a lower level diplomatic representative office, often stationed in a city outside of New Delhi and is typically headed by the Consul-General.

Honorary Consulate – A number of Consulates are headed by an Honorary Consul.This is generally a independent business person (primarily a citizen of India) who consents to execute limited consular duties on a part-time basis, in a city where the country does not have a representative.

diplomats negotiate a agreement, go to a state dinner, or organize or represent the interests and policies of . Over and above that, roles and responsibilities of diplomats are significantly varied.

An ambassador is the highest-ranking representative of government to India or international organization in India. A good ambassador ought to be a robust leader – a excellent manager, a resilient negotiator, and a highly regarded representative of . A vital task of an ambassador of is to coordinate the functions not only of the Overseas Service Officers and staff working below him or her, but in addition representatives of other agencies of his or her country in India.

diplomats are professional, trained officers who represent the interests of abroad under the direction of the ambassador. All diplomats listen to and observe what is going on in India, assess it, and report to the ambassador and foreign ministry back home. As a result the ’s policy can be more responsive to the needs of other nations in addition to their people. An embassy of commonly has several types of diplomats:

Economic Representatives work with overseas governments to secure businesses, fund enterprises, protect the environment, or discuss fresh trade laws.

Administration Officials are action focused front runners in charge of all embassy, consulate, or diplomatic mission functions from property to people to spending budget.

Political Officials keep the ambassador up-to-date on political events and changes developing in India.

Public Liasion Officers develop common understanding and support for ’s policies by reaching straight to public in India and working with traditional and social networking; educational, cultural and sports programs; and all types of people-to-people exchange.

Consular Officers’ main work is normally supporting and protecting citizens of in India. In the event you lose your passport, realise you are having problems with the law in India, or want to get married to a foreigner abroad, you will require the help of this officer. consular officials also grant visas to visitors residing in India, who want to travel, work, study, or live in .

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